Tessa Inc.


Information & Guidelines

Group Program Outlines

Contact us for a 3-step reservation process 

1.Fill out a short form to indicate date/time/ pick-up location preference. We can take the hassle out of your needs, with our expertise in shopping among bus vendors.

2.Confirm and sign an agreement with a bus company on bus format requirements and reasonable price guaranteed at market. If a group does not have a particular vendor they are working with, please send a completed form to Tessa Inc.

3.Complete a manifest provided through electronic media by Tessa Inc. by 5 p.m. a day prior to trip, and leave a mobile phone number to reach in route for count update.

Group Program Benefits

  • No minimum capacity requirements.
  • Fund-raise with no charge restrictions.
  •  All buses have large maximum capacity.
  • All buses compliant to state regulations.
  • $30 credit and food coupon per guest
  • Minimum 5-hour stay while at casino.
  • On-bus coordinator service available.
  •  No alcohol to maintain clean buses at all times. Alcohol is available for purchase at Casino.
  •  Multilingual communication in languages other than English, including Armenian, Cantonese and Mandarin, French, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese.

10 Guidelines for Groups

Please observe the following guidelines at Fantasy Springs and as a Tessa Inc. group:

1. In case of breakdown, do not let passengers off the bus unless there is a safe curb off roads.

2. If you have any issues and/or cancellations,please notify Tessa Inc. at info@tessainc.com.

3. Reserve front rows for disabled or handicap individuals, unless none presents such request.

4. Driver’s tips ($1 per passenger suggested) are complimentary, although not obligatory.

5. Ensure that all incidents are reported to the managing agency, Tessa Inc. Someone might call and verify count accuracy on the way in.

6. Ensure that coordinators fill out a manifest, as complete as possible, by 5 p.m. a day before there is an online option to submit the preliminary manifest: tinyurl.com/fsc-manifest 

7. No alcohol permitted on passenger carriers, food and non-alcoholic beverages encouraged if passengers do not leave uncleanable messes. Please notify Tessa Inc. personnel immediately in cases where bus condition is unacceptable.

8. Bus operators will ensure that drivers do not leave early to avoid leaving patrons stranded at casino and bus arrives timely to board patrons.

9. Because it is unsafe to walk in the bus while in motion, ensure passengers stay in their seats. An only exceptional circumstance is toilet use.

10. Remind customers to have player’s cards at casino for check-in as well as all the while they play. Check identification card for date of birth as only adults ages 21 or over qualify for offers and to play at casino. Ensure that new patron is aware that (s)he will be asked to open free card new account to load free slot play at the casino.


about free slot credits

Credit in dollar values are loaded into each player’s club card of individual passengers on bus. On eligible machines, patrons can activate the credit by logging into account, pushing a button on machine of choice to download the credit onto that machine by specification via tapping the screen. Once activated, the patron must play the whole amount entered or forfeit an unused value. Credit amount may vary between vendors.

About food coupons

Depending on season of arrival, contracted bus vendors will qualify their patrons for a food coupon program, where each patron arriving on a bus shall receive a coupon to be used towards food purchases at Casino food venues with exception of Starbucks. For more information on whether chosen passenger carrier company is qualified for food coupon please call or email Tessa Inc.